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Midwest Collegiate Club Volleyball, Inc. Rules
Section 1 - Organization
1.1. Midwest Collegiate Club Volleyball, Inc. is a registered Michigan nonprofit corporation that operates as a collegiate club volleyball league. The organization has several registered assumed names that may be used from time to time to reference the league, divisions, and conferences within the league. The “Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association” and “MIVA” are two of the organization’s registered assumed names and are used to reference the league along with all its divisions and conferences.
1.1.2. Throughout these Rules, the term “League” shall be synonymously used to denote the organization and MIVA; the term “conference” shall be a grouping of teams within the League, as determined by the League; the terms "school," "member school" and "club" shall be synonymous with and shall mean the official college or university volleyball club that is a school registered student organization (“RSO”) in good standing, located in the Midwestern United States and which has been accepted by the League as a participating club; the term "team" as used in these Rules shall mean a member school's club volleyball team(s); the term “League Commissioner” or “Commissioner” shall mean the individual defined in the organization’s Bylaws who has general authority to operate the League under the direction and control of the organization’s Board of Directors and Officers; the term “Conference Coordinator(s)” shall mean the individual identified by the League to provide organizational assistance to the operation of conferences within the League, as the League shall determine in its discretion. The League may also designate others such as MIVA Assistant Commissioner(s), MIVA Compliance Coordinator, MIVA Championship Tournament Director, MIVA Referee Coordinator, or others, to provide services. Unless expressly identified in writing by the MIVA, the MIVA does not employ any person and instead relies on volunteer and paid services to carry out its mission. Provided, that in the absence of a designated Commissioner, the Commissioner activities shall be performed by the organization’s Officers and delegees, including but not limited to League designated directors of competition, a referee coordinator and such other individuals as the organization may determine, all subject to the authority of the organization’s Board of Directors. All persons engaged in activities for the League as identified in the preceding sections shall at all times be obliged to report their activities to the Officers and Board of Directors regarding their authorized activities, as may be required by the Officers and Board of Directors from time to time. The corporation claims copyright and trademark protection for all organization names, marks, logos, writings, systems and designs created by it, its officers, volunteers, staff (if any) service providers and others.
1.1.3. The primary purpose of the League is to promote volleyball opportunities for collegiate club participants enrolled at a participating school consistent with the organization’s Bylaws and polices.
1.1.4 The League may choose to be a National Collegiate Volleyball Federation, Inc. (NCVF) Recognized League, and may choose to be compliant with the NCVF League Best Practices, consistent with the League’s Bylaws and policies.
1.1.5. The League has generally been organized as a men’s league. However, nothing in these rules shall prohibit or oblige the League to expand its activities to provide opportunity for women’s collegiate club volleyball participants or others, as the Board of Directors shall determine.
1.1.6. The League shall at all times follow all applicable laws governing its existence, operations and programming, consistent with its Bylaws and organizational documents.
1.2 Any official college or university men’s volleyball club that is a school RSO in good standing and located in the Midwestern United States may apply to participate in the League by completing League registration and League forms, paying dues as specified from year to year by the League, and following all applicable eligibility, participation and other rules, as specified by the League. The League has full discretion to approve adding clubs and teams to the League and placing them within a conference.
1.2.1. The League shall designate divisional and conference assignments for all club teams accepted for participation in the League, except that all schools belonging to the Big Ten Athletic Conference who are accepted for participation by the League shall be members of the BTMVA conference and play in League Division 1. The League shall have authority to designate or create divisions (e.g. Division 1, Division 2, etc.), conferences and other organizational structures. Unless notified by the League, the placement of a team in a division or conference shall survive from year to year unless the League determines otherwise.
1.2.2 League member clubs may enter only one team per school in Division 1. With the consent of the League, clubs may enter more than one team per school in Division 2. However, and unless otherwise specified by the League, if a player, team or club is not eligible to participate in the NCVF National Championship Tournament, the player, team or club shall not be eligible to participate in League events.
1.2.3 League club teams may elect to play in any division of the NCVF National Championship Tournament without affecting their eligibility or divisional assignment for League purposes.
1.2.4 Clubs wishing to protest League divisional or conference assignments shall submit their protest in writing to the Commissioner or Commissioner’s designee in advance of the start of the season (January 1). The reasons for the protest shall be explained, in writing by e-mail. The League shall render a written decision to the protesting club within 10 days following receipt of the written protest, specifying the reason for the decision.
1.2.5 The playing rules for all League competitions shall be current USAV rules, as adopted by the NCVF for the current season.
1.3 Each participating club shall select one student from their club as its Representative. This Representative or his/her designee shall actively participate in League and conference meetings and have one vote for all League voting matters. The League shall have discretion to put matters for vote. Upon notice from the League, Representatives shall meet each fall to plan the upcoming season. A conference, divisional and League quorum for all voting purposes shall consist of two-thirds (2/3) of the applicable Representatives. In the absence of a quorum, the Commissioner, with the advice of any applicable Conference Coordinator or others as the League determines, shall have the authority to make any decision that would have otherwise required a vote of the Representatives. Voting on any matter may be taken by e-mail under the direction of the League. Vote totals may be published at the League’s discretion, however individual votes shall remain anonymous.
1.4. The Representatives may meet at any League Sanctioned Event (defined in Section 2.1 below) or at any other time in person or online, to consider old and new business. Conference meetings may take place at any League Sanctioned Event. One week written notice shall precede any meeting other than the annual fall meeting unless waived in writing by a majority of those constituting a quorum. All meetings shall include timely invitations to the Commissioner, applicable Conference Coordinator and others that may be designated by the League.
1.5. The League may appoint League or Conference Coordinators or others, who shall have the general duties defined by League, such as officially representing applicable divisions or conferences, administering conference competitions, attending necessary meetings, calling and presiding at division or conference meetings, appointing and overseeing the activities of League authorized assistants, or engaging in other League activities, all at the pleasure of and under the authority the League. In the absence of an appointment to any position, the President or President’s designee shall have the authority to perform Conference Coordinator duties. All appointments shall be at the pleasure of the League and subject to overall authority of the organization’s Board of Directors.
1.6. Upon designation of a matter by the League for a Representative vote, the following shall require a majority vote of a quorum of all Representatives:
1.6.1 Permanent disqualification for "cause," of a club or team from participation in the League;
1.6.2 Permanent disqualification for "cause," of an individual from participating in League Sanctioned Events.
1.6.3 Permitting an exception to League team or player eligibility rules.
1.6.4 The term "cause" as used in this section (1.6) shall mean reckless or intentional disregard of the duties assumed by each League club, team or individual participant (including, coaches, players, volunteers and others) that causes substantial harm to any individual, team, school, conference, division the organization or the NCVF or any other organization or entity that has a business or beneficial relationship with the organization.
1.6.5 Notwithstanding the provisions of this section 1.6, the Commissioner or Commissioner designee, shall have the authority to take any action deemed necessary to protect participant safety or the well being of the League.
1.6.6 An aggrieved League club, team or participant may appeal an eligibility action of the a Conference Coordinator, through the procedure identified in section 1.7, below.
1.7. The Commissioner shall have the general authority necessary to administer and enforce the Rules and otherwise conduct affairs of the League.
1.7.1 Upon discretionary approval by the Commissioner after a timely written appeal of a player or team eligibility related decision has been made by an aggrieved club, team or participant, the League may conduct a vote of Representatives, as the League determines appropriate, in its sole discretion. Individual votes shall remain confidential except, if necessary, as determined by the League, to be in the best interest of the League. All eligibility decisions regarding player or team eligibility under this paragraph shall be subject to the ultimate authority of the Board of Directors.
1.8 The Commissioner or League designees shall represent the League to all outside individuals, consistent with their roles and League policies. The Conference Coordinators will represent their respective conference interests to the League.
1.9 Pursuant to the organization’s Bylaws, the League Treasurer or League designee shall accurately and timely account for all revenue and expenses of the organization, maintain the organizations papers and books, maintain a bank account(s), file necessary papers, tax-exempt filings and related documents as may be required from time to time, and otherwise be responsible for all financial affairs of the League. The League Treasurer shall ensure that an overview of revenues and expenditures are made available to Team Representatives each Fall upon request.
1.9.1 All persons who perform authorized services for the League may be reimbursed for pre-approved out of pocket League expenses. The League may also choose to pay a stipend or service fee if approved and made in accord with the Bylaws and applicable organizational policies.
1.9.2 The League Treasurer and any person performing fiscal services for the league shall be responsible for all acts of negligence or wrongdoing with respect to all fiscal responsibilities assumed when performing League fiscal services.
1.9.3 Nothing in these Rules is intended to create an employment relationship of any kind or oblige the League to pay taxes for or on behalf of an person regarding any sums that may be paid as stipends, honorariums, service fees or otherwise. Any person providing services of any kind to the league agrees as a precondition to payment for such services that they will pay all taxes and otherwise comply with all laws with respect to any obligations that arise by virtue of their payment from the League.
1.10 As a precondition of being part of the League, all teams, clubs, players, coaches and participants agree to hold the League, Commissioner, directors of competition, conference coordinators, referees, organization Officers and Directors, service providers, host schools and NCVF harmless for any act of negligence or wrongdoing arising in connection with any of their participation with any event or activity sponsored, operated or supported in any way by the organization. To the extent that greater protection from civil liability is afforded under applicable law(s) or the League’s Release of Liability form, the same shall be applicable. In addition, the civil liability protections identified in these Rules shall not limit those otherwise available to effected parties nor diminish the effectiveness of any insurance or independent sources of indemnity.
1.10.1 All League participants shall sign Release of Liability forms as a precondition to participating. Additionally, by becoming a part of the League, participants acknowledge that: (1) the League is not responsible for defects in any facility, design flaws, inoperable equipment, lack of security or supervision, or any other facility related matters; (2) that the host facility is responsible for providing a functional, safe and properly designed facility, along with necessary and safe equipment whenever a bid is placed to host an League Sanctioned Event; (3) the League is not responsible in any way for any supervision, travel or accommodation related matters concerning any of its clubs, teams, players, coaches or other participants; (4) to the extent that discount or group rates are negotiated for League members, the League does not guarantee that the discounts will be preserved or that the League or any third person will guarantee the rates offered nor the obligations of any League individuals, clubs, teams etc, that seek to take advantage of any discount or group rate(s).
1.11 By participating in the League, participants acknowledge that the League does not represent or warrant that any entity providing a discount is authorized or licensed to do so by any school or other entity, that participants seeking to take advantage of any discounts secured by or negotiated by or for the League, assume all risks of any nature related to proceeding with a purchase, use, or access to discounted goods and services and shall hold the League, its Officers, Board of Directors, agents and representatives harmless in such regard.
1.12 The League shall be responsible to utilize and goods, services, support and funding from all sources solely in compliance with its status as an 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and in accord with the Leagues mission and purpose as stated in its Bylaws.
1.13 By participating in the League, participants acknowledges that there are inherent risks of injury, including but not limited to muscular, skeletal or nerve damage; that the risk of injury from participation in club volleyball extends beyond on-site volleyball competition, and extends to practice, travel, accommodations, entertainment, food and beverage and other direct and indirect activities that relate to sports participation; that typically, colleges and universities do not provide support for collegiate club volleyball and that lack of academic, educational, housing, travel, accommodation, training and other institutional supports can result in increased risk for injury, sickness and other undesirable consequences; that the League does not seek to mitigate, replace or substitute for missing or more desirable institutional supports; that instead, the League's primary goal and focus is to provide organized teaching and playing opportunities for eligible participants, at their sole risk, cost and expense and in cooperation with others who subscribe to the purposes of the League.
1.14 The official League season shall begin on January 1 each year and run through the conclusion of the League championship.
Section 2 - League Sanctioned Events and Team Eligibility
2.1 "Sanctioned League Events" shall include the "League Championship Tournament," "League Seeding Competitions" (also known as “Play Days” or “Play Dates”) and other League sponsored and operated competitive events as may be announced from time to time by the League. Participation in Sanctioned League Events is limited to League club teams only unless otherwise specifically announced in writing and approved by the League. As described in these Rules and under the authority of the Board of Directors, the Commissioner or his/her designee and those serving the League as conference coordinators, Director of Competition, Compliance Coordinator, and other League designated individuals, shall perform League services in cooperation with hosting individuals, schools, organizations and others, in accord with their agreed upon responsibilities and League policies. The League shall not be responsible for negligent or illegal acts of any person or entity that purports to serve any League participants in any capacity and is not obliged to conduct individual background checks on any person or entity serving the League. In this regard, all League participants assume all risks of participation.
2.2. As a prerequisite to participation in League and conference championship tournaments, League teams must participate in all designated divisional and conference League Seeding Competitions during the season and abide by all applicable Rules. Unless excused by the League under these Rules, failure of a team to participate in a required Seeding Competition or abide by the Rules shall result in the team’s disqualification from participating in Championship Tournaments or other Sanctioned Events, as determined in the sole discretion of the League. Unless excused by the League under the Rules, failure of a player to participate in required Seeding Competitions or abide by the Rules shall result in the players’ disqualification from participating in Championship Tournaments or other Sanctioned Events, as determined in the sole discretion of the League. Failure to follow Rules, pay fees (including event fees to other NCVF participating schools who sponsor tournaments) or demonstrate sportsmanship may result in a player or team losing its in good standing, suspension or expulsion from any League Sanctioned Event or such other League sanction, as determined in the sole discretion of the League. League participants shall also abide by applicable school policies, rules and standards as well as current NCVF Sportsmanship and Governance Rules standards.
2.3 To participate in the League and all League Sanctioned Events, each participating team shall pay entry fees to the League Treasurer as announced from year to year.
2.4 Fees for all League Sanctioned Events shall be determined by the League. It is the policy of the organization that League Sanctioned Events shall strive to be financially self-sustaining, primarily through the payment of participant fees. Any club or team unable to pay their fees shall be responsible to timely notify the League of any difficulties or concerns and seek resolution.
2.4.1. Failure to pay fees on a timely basis and follow the Rules shall be cause for disqualification from the league and being designated as not being in good standing with the League.
2.5 It shall be the responsibility of the host school of any Sanctioned League Event to keep all records in sufficient detail so as to accurately account for all event-related revenues and expenses. Such accounting shall be provided to the League immediately following the event and whenever requested by the League. The League is not responsible to pay any amounts to the host except amounts agreed to by the League in writing and in advance of the event.
2.6 To be eligible to participate in a Sanctioned League Event, Team Rosters ("Rosters") shall be submitted by each team to the League, or League designee. The same Roster shall be used by each League team seeking entry into each Sanctioned League Event. Rosters shall only consist of players who are eligible under NCVF Governance Rules for the current season and for the applicable League competitive division and event. Rosters shall be submitted prior to the first Sanctioned League Event of the season, and as otherwise required by the League. The League will take all reasonable steps, including checking pictured identification, to verify the identity and eligibility of those listed on the Rosters. League players shall be responsible to bring photo identification to each Sanctioned League Event, cooperate in providing any necessary information to verify eligibility of themselves, their teammates or others in the League. Failure to do so shall be cause for disqualification or such other sanctions as the League, in its complete discretion, determines.
Section 3 - League Sanctioned Events
3.1 The Seeding Competitions shall consist of match play within a round-robin format which maximizes the number of competitions versus previously un-played or otherwise unscheduled League opponents. The League shall be responsible for implementing this format and for performing other functions necessary to run a quality event. The goal of these tournaments is to facilitate a complete round robin match format whereby all teams will have played all the teams in their conference at least once prior to the conference and League championship tournaments. The format need not include any play-off competition. "Match play" for all League Sanctioned Events shall consist of best of 2 of 3 set competitions, utilizing current USAV rules, as adopted by the NCVF for the current season.
3.2 Each League Seeding Competition shall use certified USAV officials for each match unless otherwise approved by the League in advance of the scheduled Sanctioned Event. Participating teams shall provide officiating crews, as required by the League. The League shall be responsible to assemble and post all League results in a timely way.
3.3 The League shall be responsible for the format, seeding, competition schedule and selection of officials for all League Sanctioned Events. The Conference Coordinators or a League designee will implement League approved playing schedules, promptly compile and report results as the League directs, and will otherwise provide administrative competition related services in accord with League policies, as mutually agreed. The League will assist conference coordinators and others in identifying appropriate venues to host Sanctioned Events.
3.3.1 The League will use the following formula (in order) for seeding into conference and League championship tournaments: Conference League Seeding Competition Match Record; Head to Head results from the League Seeding Competitions; Best set record from the League Seeding Competitions; Highest Point Ratio from the League Seeding Competitions.
3.3.4 Organize the conference championship tournaments in a way that maximizes the number of competitions while providing a single elimination format that considers applicable results and other competitive factors that, in the sole discretion of the League, produces an equitable and open format and competition.
3.3.5 Seed the League Championship Tournament in a way that maximizes competitions against previously un-played divisional opponents, and, if possible, provides a pool play, power pool play, single-elimination format that may include more than a single competitive division.
3.4 Any League club wishing to host a League Sanctioned Event shall submit a bid. The bid shall include the proposed date and time of the competition, a facility description, parking information, hotel/motel availability, costs, and any other information which may be necessary or useful to those evaluating the bid. The League shall have complete discretion to select hosts and venues.
Section 4 - Team Rosters and Individual Player Eligibility
4.1 No player may participate in the League or conference championship tournaments unless such player has been listed on the roster for applicable Seeding Competitions, and has been physically present to participate at such event(s). Unless excused by "cause" as defined below, the failure of any player to comply with this rule shall result in that player's ineligibility to compete in the conference or League championship tournaments for the current year.
4.2 "Cause" may only be used to excuse an otherwise eligible League player from one required League Sanctioned Event. The term "cause" as used in these Rules, shall mean verifiable physical injury, family emergency, institutionally scheduled academic conflicts which fall on the same date as one of the Seeding Tournament dates, or other extraordinary circumstances which in the sole judgment of the League, shall excuse a player from attendance at one League Sanctioned Event.
4.3 An otherwise eligible League player, however, may not participate in a conference or League championship tournament if that player has failed to participate in at least one League pre-championship Sanctioned Event.
4.4 At the complete discretion of the League, any otherwise eligible League player failing to demonstrate "cause" to the League may appeal a League team or player eligibility decision within 3 days of receiving notice of disqualification from the League by requesting a review. The League is not obliged to grant any request for a review or to reverse its decision. Notwithstanding, the League, in its sole discretion, may choose to grant the request and employ whatever review process the League determines appropriate, subject to the ultimate authority of the organization’s Board of Directors.
Section 5 - League Player Recognition
5.1 The League shall determine how best to recognize outstanding play, sportsmanship, coaching, and contributions to volleyball within the structure of the League. It is desirable that each conference and League championship tournament produce a 1st Team (by position), a 2nd Team, Honorable Mention, Most Outstanding Player, and Best Sportsperson. Other awards or accolades may be granted, within the discretion of the League.
Section 6 – Non-Discrimination and Cooperation
6.1 MIVA adopts the non-discrimination standards set forth in its Bylaws. The League is committed to providing equal opportunity as required by law to all those who participate in the League. The League may choose to include underrepresented individuals within the ambit of the League’s non-discrimination policies who are not yet identified within existing laws from state to state within the League, and will strive to respect the dignity and identity of league participates.
6.2 Consistent with applicable laws, school and other policies, all participants shall cooperate with the League and follow League Rules. Such cooperation includes, without limitation, providing updated contact information, timely fee payments (to the League, other clubs, and the NCVF), reasonably providing school, club, team, player and participant information as may be requested by the League from time to time.
6.3 Participants and all those working to assist in the administration of the League will use best efforts to cooperate, problem solve and work in good faith to follow the Rules and support the League’s purpose and mission.
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