BTMVA at Northwestern Information 

Updated:   3/2/2023   11:30 AM


Henry Crown Sports Pavilion, (SPAC)
2311 Campus Dr, Evanston, IL 60208

  • Northwestern SPAC Parking.  Park in North Parking Garage off Campus Dr.  Parking is free on weekends.  Park near the access points for Elevator A.
Building Entry:
  • Use Elevator A to get to SPAC, exiting on the ground floor.  After exiting the elevator, Participants/Spectators should take a left at the end of the hallway and then take another left after the Protein Bar to get to the front desk.  Participants & Spectators should tell the front desk that they are here for the Men's Club Volleyball Tournament & what team they are from / cheering on.  The courts are located in the basement level of Henry Crown.  There will be signs directing people to the courts.


BTMVA participants should make an effort to thank Northwestern Recreation for making the facilities available.

  House Rules  

Below are the House Rules that must be followed this year:

NO Outside Chairs:
Individuals may not bring personal chairs.  Please leave your chairs home.  There will be 25 chairs available to spectators seating on a first come first served basis.  Players, when you are not playing, please allow spectators to use these spectator chairs.

No banners / table clothes with Team Names / Logos permitted in shared spaces (i.e., courts, hallways, lobby, etc.)  

Building Access:

  • Saturday March 4:  8:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Facility Use/Access:

BTMVA participants and spectators will have restricted access to the playing area, Courts 1-3, the cafe area and the HCSP Classroom (room 1310), which is the designated hospitality area.  Spectators are not allowed on the track (above the courts).  Nor are Spectators/Participants permitted to use any of the equipment in Henry Crown outside of what is used for the tournament.  Music is allowed but must be CLEAN / Radio Edits ONLY, and must be played at an appropriate volume.  A reminder, if play is occuring on an adjacent court, No Music.

No loitering in shared spaces (participants & spectators should stay within the courts, classroom, or cafe area only).  No smoking/vaping/etc.  Beverages on courts must be in closed - spill proof containers.  Alcohol (this should go without saying) is not allowed.  No food is permitted on the courts.  Picnics must take place in the HCSP Classroom (hospitality area).

Protein Bar & Kitchen, located on first floor by the front entrance & elevators, will be open on Saturday.

Hospitality Room:
The HCSP Classroom (room 1310) will be used for teams to store/consume food and drink.  Picnics can be set up here.  The room is located directly across from elevator A when first entering building.  There will be limited access to electrical outlets.  Tables & chairs in this room are first come first served, there may not be enough for everyone.  The room will be unlocked all day.  Teams should not expect things that you store in the hospitality area to be secure, do not store valuables here.

The room must be cleaned up afterwards (this is mostly the Northwestern Club Team's responsibility, but be a good guest and clean up after yourself).

There will be a trainer on site.  They will be located on the first floor in the Athletic Training room but may wander down to the courts from time to time.  Trainers are available for injuries/emergencies, but not things like taping.  First Aid supplies and Ice Bags will be available.