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Midwest Collegiate Club Volleyball, Inc. is a men's collegiate club volleyball organization that serves colleges and university student athletes from throughout the Midwestern United States.   It is a registered non-profit organization formed under Michigan law.  The organization has several registered assumed names, including the “Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association, (“MIVA”) that depict the league and its various conferences. 
“MIVA” is generally used to identify the league and all its conferences.  The organization was newly incorporated as non-profit in 2018 and continues a long tradition collegiate club volleyball play by adopting League Best Practices as published by the National Collegiate Volleyball Federation, Inc. (NCVF).   The organization is a NCVF Recognized League and its teams and participants have a rich national competitive history.
MIVA alumni include players, coaches, referees, and administrators at every level of the sport from all over the world.  Along with their counterparts from other NCVF Recognized Leagues, participants are only a handshake or two away from knowing just about everyone in our collegiate club sports family. 
The sustaining trailblazers of collegiate club volleyball are the many registered student organizations and their student leaders who support collegiate club organization every year.  Students are motivated to participate because of the values of sports participation they experience year after year, like competition, teamwork, overcoming adversity, sportsmanship, time management, self-reliance and cooperative enterprising.  Every year, the revolving door of student participants learn to pursue these values along with fellow student club organizations across America.  Among other community enhancing activities, they raise and budget funds, pick teams and arrange practices, travel, compete against other collegiate teams and engage in civic-minded activities, while meeting school, league and NCVF participation requirements. 
Through their involvement, students are provided a unique opportunity to learn about sports coaching, referring, administration and about other organizations who support volleyball, such as the many regional volleyball associations of USA Volleyball, the American Volleyball Association and other entities and people who support life- long opportunities through sport.
MIVA participants, club volleyball alumni and the organizations that support them are part of a unique sports legacy that continues to pioneer alternative and viable intercollegiate sports opportunities. 
For more information, contact MIVA Club Volleyball.