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The Official Ball of MIVA


   2017 MIVA Championships On-line Program

Updated  --   7:15 PM -- Sunday, Arril 2, 2017


  • Commissioner's Welcome
  • Conference Championship Histories
  • Facility Information  Student Recreation Center  [Lucinda Avenue & Stadium Drive], Northern Illinois University, DeKalb IL
  • Saturday Pools  Pools for ALL Divisions have been posted
  • Saturday Schedule  
  • Saturday Results  Posted
  • Sunday Brackets All Brackets match results posted
  • Sunday Bracket Match Results  
  • Championship Team Status Table


2017 MIVA Championships - Teams by Playing Wave
AM Wave
8:00 AM
PM Wave
4:35 PM
Split Wave
12:20 PM
  Bowling Green
  Grand Valley
  Illinois State
  Iowa State
  Miami U
  Michigan State
  Northern Illinois
  Notre Dame
  Ohio State
  Ball State-B
  Grand Valley-B
  Iowa State-B
  Ohio State-2
  Ohio State-C
  Western Mich-2
  Ball State
  Central Mich
  Ohio U
  Western Mich


  • Tournament Format        All play is 2/3 match play.  
  • Saturday pool play will consist of:
    Div1 - 5 modified power  pools of 4 followed by a limited 5 match Challenge Round.   Check the schedule grid and results to insure your team does not miss playing a match or a work assignment.  All 20 teams start in the Gold Bracket on Sunday, with teams dropping in to 4 team Bronze Bracket or 8 team Silver Bracket after their 1st loss.
    Div1AA & Div2 - 3 pools of 4 followed by all 7 teams (Div1AA) starting in the Gold Bracket & all 5 teams (Div2) starting in the Gold Bracket on Sunday. There will be Silver Bracket play in both divisions.
    Div3 (B & C teams) - 6 power  pools of 3 followed by a cross pool match (3 matches total).  All 18 teams start in the Gold Bracket on Sunday, with teams dropping in to Bronze (17th place match) or 8 team Silver Bracket after their 1st loss.

    Sunday bracket play (Gold, Silver & Bronze) in 4 divisions that correspond to NCVF tournament divisions.

    Work Assignments:  The officiating team will consist of 4 people minimum (5 preferred) -- 2 line judges, a scorer, an assistant scorer/flipper.  If 5 people are used the Libero tracker and flipper jobs are separated.  One person from the officiating team shall check in with the assigned match referees right after the captain's meeting/coin toss for the match they are working.  The full work team MUST be present at all times during the teams officiating assignment.  Once the match begins, the officiating crew shall not use any unauthorized devices, such as I-pods or cell phones, while officiating the match.
    Penalty points will be assessed to a team who is late for their officiating assignment, meaning they don't have the full contingent of 4 team members.  The penalty is one point for every minute all 4 members are not present (at the score table and available for referee instructions) beginning at the start of the receiving team warm-ups, (4 minutes before match time).  The maximum penalty is 25 minutes, or 25 points, for a one set forfeiture on the team's next match.  A second offense could result in the forfeiture of the team's next match, which will be assessed by championship staff.