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BTMVA Competitive History

Updated -- March 22, 2019

Year Regular

Championship Tournament
Champion Finalist    Location
1991 not decided Michigan State Michigan   at Evanston
1992 not decided Michigan State Minnesota   at Minneapolis
1993 not decided Minnesota Ohio State   at East Lansing
1994 not decided Illinois Michigan   at Champaign
1995 Michigan State Michigan State Illinois   at Columbus
1996 Michigan State Michigan State Michigan   at Madison
1997 Michigan State Michigan State Illinois   at Columbus
1998 Michigan State Minnesota Illinois   at West Lafayette
1999 Illinois Illinois Michigan State   at Champaign
2000 Illinois Ohio State Illinois   at Evanston
2001 Michigan State Illinois Northwestern   at Evanston
2002 Indiana Indiana Illinois   at Evanston
2003 Indiana Michigan Indiana   at Madison
2004 Michigan Michigan Illinois   at Evanston
2005 Purdue Michigan State Illinois   at Champaign
2006 Michigan State Illinois Michigan State   at Evanston
2007 Illinois Illinois Indiana   at Minneapolis
2008 Illinois Illinois Michigan State   at Champaign
2009 Illinois Illinois Ohio State   at Madison
2010 Ohio State / Illinois Illinois Michigan State   at East Lansing
2011 Illinois Illinois Ohio State   at Champaign
2012 Illinois Illinois Indiana   at Columbus
2013 Illinois / Ohio State Illinois Ohio State   at Evanston
2014 Ohio State Purdue Ohio State   at Evanston
2015 Ohio State Purdue Minnesota   at Evanston
2016 Purdue Illinois Minnesota   at Northbrook, IL
2017 Wisconsin Wisconsin Indiana   at Elgin, IL
2018 Snowed Out Wisconsin   at Ann Arbor, MI
2019 Wisconsin Purdue Illinois   at Champaign