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The Official Ball of MIVA

2018 BTMVA Conference Tournament Format

Saturday, March 10, 2018

All play is best of 3 match play using USAV 2017-2019 Domestic Competition Regulations.  USAV Test Rule (USAV will not  be used.  Note:  The USAV liberalization of the wearing of jewelry (USAV 4.5.1) will not  be implemented.

All teams will play a minimum of 5 matches.

Round 1:  Pool Play   2 pools of 5 played on 4 courts.

Round 2:  4 Team Gold Championship Bracket, and 5th, 7th & 9th place consolation matches.

Ranking of Teams - In each pool, teams will be ranked by [1] match record, [2] set record and [3] point ratio - points won divided by points lost in all pool matches.  Teams will not be eliminated from advancing toward the Gold Championship using only the pool ranking statistics.

Only two of the five teams in a pool advance to the Gold Championsip.  If there is a tie for more places than advance to the Gold Championship the following tie-breakers will be applied.

In the event of 2-way tie, the head-to-head match result will resolve the tie. 

In the event of a 3-way or 5-way tie, the ranking statistics will determine the relative pool finish.  If this tie is for 1st or 2ndplace there are more teams tied for a position than can advance to the Gold Bracket which will require one or more Playoff Matches (1 set to 25 points) be played.  If the tie is for 3rd place, the relative position determined by the ranking statistics will be used to place teams into the 5th, 7th & 9th place consolation matches. 


3-way tie for 1st place:  After applying the pool ranking statistics the 1st ranked team will finish in 1st place.  The 2nd and 3rd ranked teams will play a playoff match for 2nd place with the 1st place team supplying the work crew.  (One playoff match.)

3-way tie for 2nd place:  After applying he pool ranking statistics the 3rd and 4th ranked teams will play with the 2nd ranked team supplying the work crew.  The winner will then play the 2nd ranked team with the loser of the 3rd vs 4th match supplying the work crew.  The winner of this 2nd playoff match will finish in 2nd place and advance to the Gold Bracket.  The team losing the 1st playoff will finish 4th and the team losing the 2nd playoff match will finish 3rd.  (Two playoff matches.)

5-way tie for 1st place:  The 4th ranked team will play the 5th ranked team and the 2nd ranked team will play the 3rd ranked team.  The tournament will find work teams so that we can stay on time.  The winner of the 4th vs 5th match will play the 1st ranked team.  The winner this match and the winner of the 2nd vs 3rd will advance to the Gold Bracket with their pool rank position determining 1st & 2nd place.  The teams not qualifying for the Gold Bracket will be placed in the 5th, 7th & 9th place consolation matches based on their relative ranking before the playoff matches. 

Any Playoff Match will be played immediately after the conclusion of all scheduled pool matches on the same courts where the pool finished play.  If a team (playing or working) is not present when the playoff match is ready to be played, it will forfeit their place in the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ranking.  This will reduce the number of playoff matches that may have been scheduled.
Work Assignments

Most Round 1 work assignments will require a team to cover 2 courts (4 LJs plus two tables, minimum of 2 per table).  The officiating teams will consist of 8 people minimum (10 preferred).  If that creates a problem because your team has less than 8 people, please confirm this situation with the Director of Competition.  For the work assignments covering 1 court at 10:20 AM & 12:00 PM, the work team will consist of 4 people minimum (5 preferred)-- 2 line judges, a scorer, an assistant scorer/flipper.  If 5 people are used the Libero tracker and flipper jobs are separated.  One person from the officiating team shall check in with the assigned match referees right after the captain's meeting/coin toss for the match they are working.  The full work team MUST be present at all times during the teams officiating assignment.  Once the match begins, the officiating crew shall not use any unauthorized devices, such as I-pods or cell phones, while officiating the match.

Teams playing in the consolation matches should plan on providing a work team for the Gold Semi Finals.  The two teams in the Gold Semi Finals will need cover the 5th, 7th & 9th place consolation matches.

Penalty points will be assessed to a team who is late for their officiating assignment, meaning they don't have the full contingent of 4 or 8 team members present.  The penalty is one point for every minute all 4 or 8 members are not present (at the score table and available for referee instructions) beginning at the start of the receiving team warm-ups, (4 minutes before match time).  The maximum penalty is 25 minutes, or 25 points, for a one set forfeiture on the team's next match.  A second offense could result in the forfeiture of the team's next match.  All penalty points will be assessed by championship staff.

Important Note:  Behavior at this event is governed by the NVCF Code of Conduct.  We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining the Tournament's great tradition of sportsmanship.

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